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What is logtempo?

logtempo is simple-to-use, pragmatic time-logging for iPhone and Android. Time spent on any task or project can be logged with just two taps - saving you precious time for the tasks that matter.

Who is it for?

Anybody who needs to track the time they spend on tasks or projects or simply wants to keep a log of what they've done.

Where is my data stored?

logtempo is currently a stand-alone iPhone or Android App - that is to say, it resides on your iPhone/Android device only and does not require a connection to the internet, a network or any cloud servers. The data you save - tasks, time spent - is stored locally on your phone and not sent across the internet.

Why log time this way - what's the idea behind it?

Like most professionals, logtempo founder Robert Turrall has had to spend a not-insignificant proportion of his working life filing timesheets to quantify the work he's carried out. Whether for internal project management purposes or to ultimately bill clients for work carried out, timesheets are a permanent bane in the life of people like Robert.

He was fed up with having to set timers, select clients, projects and tasks from endless drop down selection lists and repeatedly type in text every time he needed to record the smallest unit of work. No matter where he looked, timesheet and time-tracking software seemed to be designed to suck the life out of those forced to use it. There had to be a better way. Something simple, quick, painless.

The idea of logtempo was born.

logtempo is based on one simple pretext: You know how much time you've spent on a task, how long you were in that meeting or working on that report. You don't want to have to set a timer to only then have to stop it and enter data about what you've just done. You don't want software automatically tracking your every move so that you can later go back and analyse what software you used to then define what you did. You've worked an hour on something. Open logtempo, tap the task, tap the time. Done.

The times are logged, reports can be produced as needed and life just got easier. We think you'll agree. Enjoy it!

Can I export data?

You certainly can! All reports - today, the week so far, and the last 7 days - can be exported as CSV or JSON, including full timestamps of logged times, and shared by email (JSON or CSV), AirDrop(CSV) or message(CSV).

Can I save my time reports to Dropbox or Evernote?

Yes! As above, using the "Open In..."/Share feature, you can also open a CSV export of your chosen report in any Apps installed on your iPhone/Android device that support CSV format, including Dropbox, Evernote, Numbers (iOS) and others.

What about team features?

logtempo is gathering momentum and the future looks very exciting indeed. Team features are coming in logtempo web in 2015 - and they'll be magnificent (well, we think so). Meanwhile, download and start logging your time with logtempo and you'll be ready to take advantage of the new reporting and team features as soon as they're ready!

Does logtempo produce invoices?

logtempo web will introduce this: logtempo gives you two-tap time logging... how does two-click invoicing sound?

What's planned for the future?

A lot! Our mission is to grant you a timesheet-free life and we have more plans to bring us closer to that goal. If you'd like to be in on the latest logtempo news before anybody else, join our mailing list and we'll make sure you're the first to know:


For support or more information, please e-mail or use the email button in our website footer. We do also actively monitor our Twitter account and Facebook page so please feel free to contact via either if you prefer!

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