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logtempo update released

Design enhancements, added functionality for the revolutionary time tracking App

LONDON, 27 January 2014: myHourz today released an update for their two-tap time tracking App, logtempo, in the Apple App Store. logtempo is designed for professionals - freelancers, consultants, and anybody who needs to track time spent on tasks or projects.

logtempo is designed to allow users to track their time in a totally new way - taking cues from point-of-sale systems where quick and efficient data entry is key. Users log time spent on any task with just two taps.

"This first update sees the interface of the App change to present just the extra information that users want to see on their tasks: time logged in the current week and overall for any task." said Robert Turrall, Founder and CEO of myHourz. "The update presents this information cleanly while strictly following the fundamental philosophy of logtempo: reducing time tracking down to just two taps."

The update also introduces the added functionality of deleting inadvertedly-added time entries. Further updates will continue to build upon the core philosophy of simplicity, providing support for the App's professional user base.

Robert Turrall: "It's about simplicity; about logging time already spent on tasks, and not on seeking increasingly complex technological ways of tracking and capturing activity. Other approaches invariably result in extra administrative effort for the recording of time worked, not less."

Tracking time is always going to be essential for millions of professionals. These professionals have been crying out for years for a better, more intuitive way, to track time. It's time for a change. logtempo is the first App designed to drive this change.

logtempo can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store:

(free offer expires at the end of January, with the App being priced at Apple Tier 1 pricing thereafter)

About myHourz

myHourz was founded in 2013 and is a privately-owned UK company with team members in the UK, Spain and Switzerland. It's Founder and CEO, Robert Turrall, is a long-time technologist with 30 years of media and technology company experience - including senior executive roles in sales and marketing in addition to many years of IT consulting and development work.

myHourz is privately funded by it's founder and is planning to raise further capital within the following months.

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