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logtempo launches - a revolutionary new way to track your time

myHourz launches the first App aimed at truly revolutionising time tracking

LONDON, 13 January 2014: myHourz today announced the availability of their first App, logtempo, in the Apple App Store. logtempo is designed for professionals - freelancers, consultants, and anybody who needs to track time spent on tasks or projects.

logtempo takes a fresh look at tracking time - reducing the effort taken to track time against a task to just two taps: no more drop down menu selections to make or extra text to type in.

"Timesheets are a necessary evil for many professionals - primarily because they need to track time spent on projects for administrative or billing purposes." said Robert Turrall, Founder and CEO of myHourz. "The approach logtempo takes is to step back and focus on the one main need of the busy professional: simply capturing time spent in the most pragmatic and efficient way possible."

There is a plethora of timesheet and automated activity capture software in existence, much of which deals with the collection of exact times from timers or automated "hooks" into popular office and creative software. Once the initial time information has been captured, there is an administrative overhead for the individual in adding extra client, project or task information before this can then be used to fully quantify what has actually been done. logtempo, and planned future enhancements to the logtempo platform, will remove this administrative overhead and free up this wasted time - something we can all benefit from! By removing many of the excessive features often found in time tracking products, logtempo presents the user with a simple process: choose a task, select the time spent.

Tracking time is always going to be essential for millions of professionals. These professionals have been crying out for years for a better, more intuitive way, to track time. It's time for a change. logtempo is the first App designed to drive this change.

logtempo can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store:

(free offer expires at the end of January, with the App being priced at Apple Tier 1 pricing thereafter)

About myHourz

myHourz was founded in 2013 and is a privately-owned UK company with team members in the UK, Spain and Switzerland. It's Founder and CEO, Robert Turrall, is a long-time technologist with 30 years of media and technology company experience - including senior executive roles in sales and marketing in addition to many years of IT consulting and development work.

myHourz is privately funded by it's founder and is planning to raise further capital within the following months.

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