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logtempo web announced - enhanced reporting, team management and 2-click invoicing come to logtempo

New logtempo web platform to be funded by Kickstarter campaign

LONDON, 25 August 2014: myHourz today launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the new logtempo web platform. logtempo web will build on the 2-tap simplicity of the iPhone and Android logtempo Apps and add advanced reporting options, team management features and report filter-driven 2-click invoicing to round off the feature set and provide a full time logging to invoice cycle to subscribers.

All existing logtempo App users will be able to access all of their historic data via logtempo web - all tasks and times logged since the day they started using their logtempo App will be imported into logtempo web. Once connected, their logtempo App will constantly update their logtempo web accounts to ensure that they, and other connected team members, are always up to date.

"We're very excited about logtempo web." said Robert Turrall, Founder and CEO of myHourz. "It's the natural next step for logtempo and one that we've planned from the beginning. People have been using the App to log their time and seen the benefits of it's automatic time reports - and have taken these further by manipulating their exported data to produce complex reports. Now we're going to give them the tools they need to work together in teams and report team progress, and to produce invoices straight out of logtempo web."

The Kickstarter campaign runs for 30 days and offers varying levels of logtempo membership as rewards for pledges, including a 2-week initial "backers-only" period during which the platform will be open only for Kickstarter backers to use. More details, including a campaign introduction video from Robert Turrall, can be found on the project Kickstarter page via


About myHourz

myHourz was founded in 2013 and is a privately-owned UK company with team members in the UK, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. It's Founder and CEO, Robert Turrall, is a long-time technologist with 30 years of media and technology company experience - including senior executive roles in sales and marketing in addition to many years of IT consulting and development work.

myHourz is privately funded by it's founder and is raising extra funds for logtempo web development via Kickstarter.

For further information visit, follow @logtempo on Twitter or


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